Top 10 Best Value Manual Olympus (OM) Lenses

Originally launched in 1972, the OM line of cameras and lenses proved to be a huge hit for Olympus.

Even today, photographers are shooting with these old school lenses for the vintage look – unique rendering that helps photos stand out from the rest.

Here are some of the best value Olympus Zuiko lenses:

Wide angle:

  • Olympus 24mm F2.8 Auto-W ($100):
    Sharpest from f/5.6 to f/8, but very popular with video shooters for its small size, light weight, and great performance wide open. High vignetting, weak flare resistance. 180 grams.
  • Olympus 28mm F2.8 Auto-W ($70):
    Small, light, and a great performer all around. Sharpest from f/5.6 – f/8. Good flare resistance. Great contrast. 170 grams.
  • Olympus 28mm F3.5 Auto-W ($40):
    Sharp across the frame at f/5.6. Compact and light. Tends to flare, but otherwise similar to the F2.8. Real bargain. 180 grams.


  • Olympus 50mm F1.8 Zuiko Auto-S ($60):
    Excellent starter lens, sharp. Great bokeh at close distance. Small and lightweight. Note: avoid the ones with “F.Zuiko” or “MC” on the front ring! Should say “Zuiko” and “Made in Japan.” 170 grams.

Need a 50 F1.4? There’s a great one, but it’s a bit hard to find on the used market (serial # greater than 1150000 for the best coatings). Good wide open, and very sharp by f/4. Good bokeh. 240 grams.

  • Olympus 50mm F3.5 MC Auto-Macro ($80):
    Small and very sharp – an easy recommendation for close-up work. Best used from f/5.6 to f/8. 200 grams.


  • Olympus 100mm F2.8 ($130):
    Sharp wide open with good contrast. Good bokeh. Noticeable CA. A bargain, and very compact! 230 grams.
  • Olympus 135mm F2.8 MC ($130):
    A sharp tele with great bokeh. Some longitudinal CA. 360 grams.
  • Olympus 135mm F3.5 ($50):
    Great value for money. Small, light, great contrast, Lots of longitudinal CA. Sharper at close and medium distances (less so at infinity). Integrated lens hood. 290 grams.
  • Olympus 200mm F4 MC ($50):
    Good wide open, and quite compact/lightweight considering the focal length. Great bokeh. 490 grams.
  • Olympus 300mm F4.5 ($150):
    Sharp, but big and heavy! Lots of CA. Integrated lens hood. 1000 grams.

Fun fact: Zuiko means “blissful light” in Japanese.

Comprehensive OM Zuiko lens websites:

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