8 Best Value Konica Hexanon (AR) Lenses

Originally introduced in 1965, Konica (AR) lenses are known for their excellent contrast, vivid colors, and good optical quality.

Built to last, these lenses are typically larger and heavier than their (vintage lens) competition.

Some of the best ones for the money are (in order of focal length):

  • 28mm F3.5 Hexanon: the later (7 element) version is best.
  • 40mm F1.8 Hexanon: tiny, cheap, lightweight. Prone to flaring, and not so great at night.
  • 50mm F1.7 Hexanon: a nice lens, but perhaps not worth it if you already have the 1.8. Early version has the shorter minimum focusing distance (just 45 cm).
  • 50mm F1.8 Hexanon: sharp, great all-rounder. Planar design. Start with this one.
  • 57mm F1.2 Hexanon: exceptional lens. Sharp, with silky bokeh. Radioactive. Great for portraits.
  • 57mm F1.4 Hexanon: doesn’t quite reach the heights of the F1.2, but a great budget alternative.
  • 100mm F2.8 Hexanon:¬†great contrast and color rendition.
  • 135mm F3.2 Hexanon: great value for money. Decent bokeh, low(ish) Chromatic Aberration. Focuses to 1 meter.

Best when adapted to m43 (Micro Four Thirds) and APS-C sensors.

Comprehensive Konica lens websites:

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